Sunday, May 1, 2011


Do you guys watch a lot of youtube tutorials and random videos? I definitely do! I actually may be watching WAY too much, but hey, sometimes I feel uncreative and need some inspiration! Well here is one that I saw from a youtuber: JulieG713. She did a nail tutorial on gold link chains on the nails and I thought I would try it out myself! This is how it turned out: 

The purplish color I have on my nails is called Socialite by Ulta. I used two coats of this polish.

I went to dinner with a bunch of friends the day after I did this manicure and got so many compliments! It is also a great conversation starter! But unfortunately, those chains annoyed the frick out of me and I ended up picking at the chains then riping them off (I am so violent RAWR). I think it was just a bit too unusual for me to have something so thick and bulky on my nails. If you can handle it though, I would definitely suggest you try it out!

What do you think?

ps. I just wanted to say a huge shout out and happy birthday to my friend Stefan. He obviously doesn't read my blog, but that's okay, its the thought that counts ;) 



  1. Wow, I've never seen this look before--very interesting, though I think the bulk would bother me, too.