Monday, June 27, 2011

Apologizes and Long Awaited Tutorial :)

Hello Everybody!

WOW! I went back and looked and my last post was way too long ago, I'm so sorry! Summer school started last Monday and I have been ABSOLUTELY swamped with reading assignments and catching up ALREADY. Summer school is so intense, it is 5 weeks instead of the regular 10, which means that all the material is compacted and sped up so fast, not to mention that I'm taking 2 classes and each class is 4 hours long. whew! A bit exhausting. 

Don't think I forgot about my blog though, I've been wanting to for such a long time, except every minute of my life right now is dedicated to school addition to a job that I just hired for today! 

But, I'm taking a small break right now and decided that if I don't post this tutorial now, I probably will forget and not post for a really long time. So apologizes for the past and for the future if I don't post as much as I would like to. 

Here is the long awaited floral tutorial! :D  Hope you enjoy!

I started off with a blue/turquoise base. On my thumb, middle and pinky finger, I used Essie's Turquoise and Caicos. I decided to do two accent nails since it was my base and it would spice the mani up just a tad bit. On my index finger I used Hard Candy's Sky and on my ring finger I used China Glaze's For Audrey. That is what I used for my left hand, if you however scroll down and look at the mani I did for my right hand, I just switched my accent nails and did Sky on my ring and For Audrey on my index finger. (did that make sense? lots of words jumbled together hehe) 

Next I just used a dotting tool, you can totally use a toothpick or anything round, and just made messy globs on each finger using O.P.I's Rumple's Wiggins. I did a couple on each finger, but made sure that the globs were distributed on the fingers so they weren't in the exact spot on all the fingers. 

I then took Ulta's Celebutante and using the super thin side of the dotting tool (a toothpick would be perfect here) I just dragged a couple lines in a circular motion to make some "petals". Again, this process doesn't have to look "perfect", the messier you make the lines the better I think it looks!

Then I grabbed O.P.I's Do You Lilac It? and made some smaller globs on and around Rumple's Wiggins. As you can see using these colors of the light, medium, and dark purples just add lots of dimension to the flowers. 

But that is still not enough dimension for me! I added even more darkness to this mani by just using E.L.F's Black and added some small dots and lines to the flower. I used the same process as I did when I used Celebutante.

And adding EVEN MORE dimension, I used Sinful Color's Snow Me White and added some white dots around the flower. 

After I did all that, I just wanted to go back with a few finishing touches. I'm not sure if you can really tell, but I went back in with O.P.I's Rumple's Wiggins and added a few more of that nice light pastel lilac color since a lot of that was covered up by all the dimensioning I did. haha 

After the completion of the flowers, I put some leaves on it  by just making some triangles with China Glaze's Jolly Holly

I just wanted to add some pearls to give it even more of a feminine touch! And now some spamming of pictures. I was pretty impressed with how it turned out so I took a million pictures of my creation. haha Here are a couple! 

I hope this tutorial is helpful to you all! Let me know if it was or wasn't. :)
Again, I apologize for the absence and I hope that my schedule will calm down some so I can post more regularly again!

Hope you all are doing well! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Out of Town, Posts Soon!

Hello lovely people!

Just wanted to let you know that I haven't not forgotten about posting! I'm actually out of town right now, in Seattle! It is definitely a needed small break/vacation since school and finals just ended last week, and I will be heading back to school by the end of this coming week for the start of summer school. How horrible does that sound?? :( But yes, I'm actually only going to be in Seattle for today, heading back south to Oregon for the night tomorrow and back to California on Tuesday, so hopefully I will be posting some manis I haven't posted yet on wednesday! Sorry for the lack of post a before and for the wait, but hopefully the posts coming up will be worth the wait...can't wait to post the tutorial of the floral nails for you all soon!

Until then, I hope you are all relaxed and doing well!!


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


BLEHHHHHHH!! right now is finals week.. so gross. 

But to make myself feel better I have some floral nails! :) I had so much fun doing this..and I took picture of the process so I will be showing you guys how I did this (although most of you gals are way more pro than me so you probably already know how) but thats okay! 

Here is a manicure that is awesome for spring/summer! 

I will list the colors I used when I show you guys the tutorial :) Hope you guys enjoy..and hope your week is less stressful than mine! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this, what do you think? 


ps: I have so much to say about my experience at Day of Love, but I will tell you guys more when I have time! (after finals)  :D