Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished-RANT

That saying is so totally true. I never thought how it could actually be true..but seriously. 
I seriously want to punch the bejeezus out of somebody right now, my housemate. I feel like I’ve done so much for her! Not only that, but there are so many things I need to let out about this particular person. 
She’s not a morning person and always seems to never wake up in time for the 8am we have together, so what do I do, wake her up..pretty much every time we have class. I’m not a morning person either, I do what is necessary. And now she basically expects me to wake up her and wait for her to get ready (which take 3 hours long) to walk to class together. I’ve had to wake her up for so many midterms because she probably would have missed it, is there a thank you, no. 
She always gets the easy way out of things. She forgets that there are midterms pretty much all the time. What does she do? She gets her friends from previous years to send her the quizes that are supposedly the exact same and what does she get on the midterms? A’s of course. While everyone else in the class, I feel, really works hard to study for their grade, but only gets C’s maybe B’s. 
She is SUPER shallow. Seriously. When she gets those undeserved A’s on the quizes she laughs at the people around her who got B’s and C’s. After our class one day she came up to me and was like, “Hey Carissa, do you remember that SUPER annoying guy in class?” No, sorry I don’t. Annoying is not something I attach to someone’s name when I remember them. Another time she was complaining about her date to some sorority formal that she needed to find. I mentioned a friend of hers that they seemed to get pretty well with each other:
_____: “Oh, I totally would, too bad he is shorter than I am” 
Me: “Are you really that shallow?”
_____: “Honestly, yes.”
Okay, SERIOUSLY!?!?! I just don’t get people sometimes. I don’t understand how people can be THIS shallow and be okay with themselves. 
Last example, even though, at this point, I could go on for hours. I was with a good friend chatting in my room. She charges in, pissed about a group project she was in. She talked about how “retarded” a friend was……right in front of my friend who had a little sister that is mentally challenged. I was honestly so embarrassed. Not okay. She just doesn’t know when to stop. 
But why am I so pissed off today? She forgot to do her homework a couple days that was due on monday. I had already finished my homework last thursday because I was planning on going homework for the weekend and didn’t know if I would be able to make it back in time for class. I had originally asked another friend to turn my homework in for me, but my housemate insisted that she do it for me. Okay, thank you! She ended up forgetting to do her own homework, so I said that she could copy my homework…but change it up a bit. Did she? No. She copied it verbatim!!! What happens? When the professor hands my paper back today, he asks me to go see him in his office hours with her.
I told her before going into his office hours that if it is the issue of her turning in my homework for me, then I will take full responsibility for it (because at that point, I had no idea why he asked us to see him..although it was pretty obvious), but if it was about the copying homework thing, then I couldn’t say anything because if I were to defend myself, then I would basically throw her under the bus, which I didn’t want to do. I told her that she would have to defend herself, but to not pull me into the mess. 
What does she do? Throw me under the bus of course! He asks why our homework was identical, and she said that we worked together on the homework…WHAT?!?!!?! NO. We definitely did not work together on the homework. I WORKED ON THE HOMEWORK. YOU COPIED. And the way she said it made it seems like we were both just copying each others work because we were “working together”. He then asked for further explanation, but she just sits there awkwardly and quietly staring at the ground. SERIOUSLY?! I told her that she needed to defend herself and not throw me in it, and what does she do? The exact opposite. 
I confronted her as soon as we were far enough, and she pulled out her teary eyes and said “OKAY, I’ll email him telling him that it was all my fault! Is that what you want?!” First of all, I hate people do that, making it seem like it was my fault and put guilt into the whole situation. But secondly, have some integrity in the first place! You put me into a bad position and throw that kind of line later on? 
And I know I have some fault in it. I should have known better than to let someone else copy my homework. But I felt bad because she’s been stressed lately, and I know she hasn’t gotten too much sleep lately, PLUS she was doing me a favor in the first place by turning in my homework..but I just needed to rant. Maybe I’m over reacting, but who wants their professor to think that they are a cheater? 
At this point, I just really can’t talk to her right now. Can’t look at her. Can’t be around this person. I kind of don’t want to sleep in the same apartment as her for the next couple of days. I hope she doesn’t confront me because I know I will definitely just want to punch out…I just need to calm down. Someone please calm me down!! Put some rational thoughts into my head. Tell me I’m stupid for being mad at her. Tell me it wasn’t her fault, that I shouldn’t be mad.Tell me that I’m overreacting.


  1. She sounds like she doesn't take much responsibility for herself. I know you wouldn't want to dob a friend in but if you get an opportunity, I'd explain to the professor what happened. It's not worth him marking you down on the course to help a friend, is it? Anyway, that's just what I would do. I hope it gets better for you soon :)

  2. thank you so much for your suggestion. After this rant, she ended up emailing the professor about the situation telling him that it was actually her that did it. So she definitely did the right thing. Man, I'm just glad yesterday is over! haha

  3. What you need to do is stop feeling like you are responsible for her. She needs to wake herself up, do her own homework, etc. You are only enabling this behavior by doing it for her. I know this sounds harsh, but you'll be saving yourself a lot of stress in the long run. She's your house/class mate, not your child, okay?

  4. haha yeah. I have definitely learned my lesson the hard way. No more enabling! :)