Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Invisible Children Haul; Day of Love


So this post isn't about polish, but about the non-profit organization: Invisible Children. They are currently on tour, showing their new movie/documentary and talking about what their organization is about. I found it so inspirational and them coming and talking about what they do totally makes me want to become a roadie. haha. I definitely wanted to support them, and what better way than to buy stuff from them :P

I got a t-shirt with an awesome peace sign as shown below. I think I remember them saying that the cotton used to make the shirt is from somewhere in Africa. 

I also got a bag. I thought this was gorgeous, especially that vibrant yellow color! It is handmade by one person, from start to finish. It is a pretty gigantic bag however, not sure how often I will be using it, since I've been liking smaller bags for convenient sake. 

In each bag, they tell you who made the bag, pretty neat!

Wow, were they super inspiring. I know there are so many things going on in this world right now, and it seems like the bad stuff is never ending, but I feel like we can all make a difference somehow in the world. 

On Saturday this weekend, the church that I go to is hosting something called "Day of Love" which is day where they invite women and mothers all over the community to just enjoy themselves, relax, and allow others to take care of them. The church is setting an auto repair shop in the parking lot where they will be repairing cars and doing oil changes for free, there will be a clothes drive, food, and free massages for the women. I signed up to help out with massages for 4 hours, and to be honest, I AM SOOO NERVOUS. I have personally never taken a massage class, but when I ask if it was required, they said it wasn't. My only experience is giving friends and family back massages, and the longest massages are probably 10-15 minutes, how am I going to be giving massages for 4 hours?! Yes, I am internally freaking out. 

But when I told my friend about how nervous I was, they told me that these women probably have never gotten a professional massage before, or maybe have NEVER gotten a massage before. I am there to serve them, to give back to them for all the hard work they have done. It was such a good reminder for me that there are people worse off than me and doing something so small, like giving a massage or repairing a car, giving clothes and food, can mean the world to someone else. 

So I have a challenge for you out there! Go change the world! Help someone out. You never know what might change someone else life! :) 



  1. 3 years ago I saw my first Invisible Children video on the story of Emmy -I cried. I was also part of the Invisible Children club in high school, I was apart of The Rescue back in 2009 (in Chicago) where we got Oprah to feature Invisible Children on her show -Good times ^_^

    Invisible Children is a good cause. Great post.

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your experience at the event!