Sunday, November 28, 2010

New At This

I still consider myself fairly new to this beauty community (both starting a blog and doing nail art) so I don't have that manicures I can post up. Most of my nail polish collection are also fairly old (and by that I mean, I'm not too updated on new collections since I am a broke college student :[ ) so swatching my nail polish collection might be hilarious since I would  be doing swatches of pretty old polishes.
More Reason Why I Don't Swatch:
  • My nails are naturally pretty weak and if I were to keep putting nail polish on and removing with nail polish remover, my nails would thin out to a paper like thickness and that would be no bueno. 
  • The smell of nail polish remover is absolutely horrific. I wish they made nail polish remover that didn't have such a strong scent, if anyone sees this and knows of one, PLEASE let me know.
  • Again, I don't have as many polishes as all these awesome gurus out there do, so people may just laugh at me....Although, I think getting addicted to nail polish is something I am slowly reaching. I have probably doubled my nail polish collection since the beginning of the summer. GAH, so much money!
I hope I can continue to post of pictures of nail art, not sure often I can upload since I don't change my nail colors everyday. I do have some pictures of manicures I have done in the past that I might just post up! So I guess here is one:

Not sure when exactly I did this manicure, I know it was sometime in August. I quite like this design. Very simple and elegant! :) The color I used in this is Ulta's Celebutante. I don't think this picture shows the true color. It is more purple than the blueish hue shown in this picture.

If anyone is reading any of these post, comment and make my day! :) Feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated on how to make my blog more awesome ;) haha Have a good one! <3

Saturday, November 27, 2010

First of Many, I hope!

I decided to make an account because I think it's nice to post random things that I find interesting and like. Not sure how this will work out since I got a tumblr not too long ago and didn't really keep up with it. Hopefully this blogspot will not be ignored soon after I start this and hopefully I will keep it up!! Who knows how many followers I will gets, if none, thats okay too haha I don't mind talking to my self :) 
Here goes nothing! Wish me luck!! 

So I guess I will start off with a picture  of what I have on my nails inspired by one of the nails that Katrina's Nail Blog did :) 

First Nails!
I know the picture looks a bit yellow, but without the rest of the picture looking yellow, the color of of the green on my nails looked more teal. 

So on my nails I used:
Thumb: China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover with a silver rhinestone.
Index finger: has an aluminum foiled silver from an asian shop in Taiwan painted french with the Four Leaf Clover linning the silver.
Middle Finger: Same Four Leaf Clover with Ulta's Sequins and some hexagonal glitter.
Ring Finger: Used the same aluminum foiled silver along with Ulta's Sequins over it and some glitter.
Pinky Finger: Did a french with FLC and painted some Sequins along the french line with some glitter :)

*Whew, so many words for such a simple manicure! Used only three different colors; turned out pretty nicely if  may say so myself...although I might change it tomorrow! Can't wait! :)