Friday, May 6, 2011


My mani today makes is a bit sad. I absolutely LOVE minted green colors and loved this color in the bottle, but it looks SOO streaky!! *sigh 

On my nails are two coats Revlon's Minted and on my accent nails are two coats of Revlon's Perplex

I bought this last summer when it first came out and remembered it being just a bit streaky, but when I applied it this time around, the application was pretty streaky and thick. Do you guys have the same issue? 
The application with Perplex, however, applied very smoothly, so I wonder if its just the Revlon minted bottle that I have, or does everyone have the same issue?

I have also seen China Glaze's Refresh Mint and it seems to look pretty close to this Revlon one. Does anyone have both? Which one is better/which would you recommend? 

So many questions!!! 



  1. I have Essie Mint Candy Apple, and Maybelline Minty Minty. I used to have Revlon Minted
    and China Glaze Refresh Mint. Obviously I love this shade of nail polish!

    I had Refresh Mint first and liked it. So I got Revlon Minted and the color's formula was just awful. I had to give that away. Then I got Essie Mint Candy Apple and I was in love- this was seriously the perfect mint. I then gave away Refresh Mint. Later someone gave me the Maybelline 50 seconds Minty and wow I was impressed.

    So basicaly I love both Essie Mint Candy Apple and Maybelline Minty. I think Refresh Mint is ok but Revlon Minted stinks!

  2. I have Revlon's Minted and Yes it's poopy, but I make it work. Usually SV comes in handy after three coats. I thought Essie's formula was very similar, but the colors are only off by a smidgen. Most pastel-y colors, unless they have a jelly formula, apply like this.

    How many coats did you do and did you use a top coat?

  3. @toesthattwinkle!: thanks for the great fast review of different polishes, I will definitely be checking some of those out!

    @loodie loodie loodie: I used two coats of each and actually did not use a top coat. As much as I love using top coats and the look of it, I try not to use a top coat too much just because I change my nail polish so often..and its definitely a lot easier to take nail polish off without top coat...dang am I lazy! haha