Wednesday, June 8, 2011


BLEHHHHHHH!! right now is finals week.. so gross. 

But to make myself feel better I have some floral nails! :) I had so much fun doing this..and I took picture of the process so I will be showing you guys how I did this (although most of you gals are way more pro than me so you probably already know how) but thats okay! 

Here is a manicure that is awesome for spring/summer! 

I will list the colors I used when I show you guys the tutorial :) Hope you guys enjoy..and hope your week is less stressful than mine! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this, what do you think? 


ps: I have so much to say about my experience at Day of Love, but I will tell you guys more when I have time! (after finals)  :D


  1. These nails are amazing!! Great job :) I need to try freehanded roses, but I probably can't do my right hand. lol

  2. I like it! Please make a tutorial, I like the style of your flowers in particular, they look like kind of fluffy haha

  3. The flowers are gorgeous! I love them. I'm looking forward to your tutorial.

  4. Wa~ I'm in love with your mani! It's so so so pretty! really gorgeous!
    I've become your follower! :p

  5. thanks for all the compliments!!

    @nailderella: and thank you for the follow! :) means a lot!!

  6. You're welcome! Your blog is interesting! ;D

  7. BTW I gave you an award for your blog because I think you're doing a great job, you can pick it up on my blog at:

  8. beautiful!!!! great color choices