Saturday, January 1, 2011

Project 52!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!! WOHOO! I can't believe it's already 2011! 2010 definitely passed by pretty fast!

Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! :) I hope you have an amazing birthday!

Now, What's Project 52? It's actually suppose to be project 365, where you take a picture everyday for a whole year. I REALLY want to make this work, so I'm going to start of a bit easier and lighter for me this year by doing AT LEAST one picture a week. Of course, more than a once a week would be awesome, but I want to make sure that I upload at least a picture a week!
Now, erm, This is suppose to be taking a picture once a week, BUT if I'm really not able to take a picture that week (since I do want school to come first) then I will allow myself to upload a picture I've taken and edited previous to that week.
I think these guidelines are more for myself, but that is definitely needed otherwise I know I will make excuses up. haha. Anyways, I hope you guys will support me in this difficult challenge. I'm hoping that I can achieve this project without a problem, I might continue next year with project 365. yes? haha
If you're wondering, I'm actually doing this project because I use to be a pretty intense photographer, but after the pressure was taken off taking pictures once class ended, I just kind of let my knowledge of photography and techniques learned go. So, I'm hoping that I can either get back into photography, or learn something from my experiences. Anyone want to join me?! :D

ps. I will probably use this project to make a diary for myself, describing my day, week, etc. I love memories through pictures and I think its great to write stuff down for me to go back and read and remember memories in the future. Make sense?

So here is the first picture: Project 52: Week1!
I went to the Monterey Aquarium a few days ago with my family, and took LOTS of pictures. Here is one of them. I absolutely love jelly fishes. They are so elegant, flow beautifully, just everything about them scream gorgeous to me. 
Today, of course is New Years Day!! I'm not going to be posting pictures from last night ahaha, but I must say it was probably the best night ever. NOT because of what people might think might have happened (hehe), but because this is the first year I've EVER gone out for New Years. Previous to this year, I would go to church (which is nothing wrong with that), but still not the same as spending it with awesome friends! :) 

I hope you guys had an amazing New Years! Can't wait for awesomeness to happen this year. And with me luck with this project!!

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