Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project 52: Week 3!

So, I'm just a tiny bit late uploading these pictures, but I promise I took them yesterday, which makes it valid. haha.

before/after baking the coffee cake
So yesterday was just a really nice day. I didn't do too much the first half of the day, but my house mates and I watched Dexter. Such a good show! And later on in the evening, my house mates along with some good friends from another apartment nearby went to eat at a burger restaurant. We downtown and walked around, and when we came back, we made some delicious coffee cake. While we waited for the cake to bake, we played mario party. haha Such an awesome game :) 

This is my delicious plate of coffee cake and cookie dough ice cream! Oh heaven on my plate!

Hopefully this week, I'll have more time to take pictures and post!

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