Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nail Polish Haul!

Sorry for not posting new things in a while, but there were some tragedies near Christmas time (worst time of year to have tragedies too!) so I haven't been able really in the mood to post things. And now that shock is finally starting to die down, another one gets blown in my face today. HA. Life just doesn't stop surprising you huh? ANYWAYS, here we go with the haul!

YAY! Who doesn't like nail polishes? haha I can't seem to stop buying nail polish...not that I don't want to. hehe. So I wasn't really planning on buying nail polishes for this haul, but funny story: 

I'm pretty much the only person in my immediate family that likes nail polish. When I go home, I always ask my mom and my sister (when she is back home) to do their nails, but they always refuse! (what?! i know right?) On Christmas night, I asked them to do their nails again, and my sister was looking through my collection when she saw my swatch of Nubar 2010 over Black, and she totally fell in love with the look of the rustiness and wanted me to instantly do the manicure on her. So the next day when we were on our way home, she asked where I go and buy nail polishes. We went to the stores and she picked out a couple polishes. I think she wanted the same Nubar 2010 polish, but I bought that online. And obviously, when I was around all the glorious nail polish, I wanted to buy some as well!

So here are the polishes I purchased! :
L to R: Revlon Perplex, Revlon Star, OPI Russian Navy (matte), Ulta Jaded, Ulta Devious, Essie Tart Deco, Essie Going Incognito, Essie It's Genius, Sally Hansen Mint Sprint.

I like this picture way more, but I realized later when looking through photos that I had forgotten to put one more up and that is......
to the very right: China Glaze Ruby Pumps!

I have already done a couple manis with some of the polishes that I have planned to post up in the near future. Some are definitely new favorites, and some are honestly a bit disappointing to me. And you will see that they are. 

Do you guys have some of the colors I bought? If so, let me know which and if you like it or not!

Hope you guys are doing well!


  1. ive been looking around for purplex but couldnt find any, =( but revlon star looks pretty!!! could you do a swatch for that??

  2. thanks!
    @silence is loud: I've been looking for perplex for a while as well and i definitely got lucky!! hopefully you will find it it, definitely an awesome color! :)