Thursday, January 20, 2011

Birthday Love & NOTD

YAY!! Today is my birthday!! I'm so grateful for all the wonderful friends and family in my life who wished me happy birthday and to my housemates to surprised me at midnight to say happy birthday to me :) 

So yesterday, I decided that I wanted my nails to look nice and sophisticated during my birthday so I chose a nice awesome red, China Glaze Ruby Pumps. This was the first time wearing this polish so I did two coats of Ruby Pumps over E.L.F: Light Red just for a base color.

This picture makes me smile :) My friends are so sweet, they got these for me! One of my house mates, Kevin got me the Chibi Totoro. SOO CUTE!! One of my other house mates, Rebecca, got the picture frame and filled it with the words seen, and some on the back. Another one of my house mates, Jack, made the card with the hamster! So cute, and he wrote a message with his awesome witty humor. And not pictured here, but my OTHER roommate came in right after I uploaded the picture and gave me a pen and a gorgeous notepad. I mights take a picture later and show you since I know there are a couple presents I will be getting later. Last, but not least here, my friend came over today to wish me happy birthday and we ended up going to lunch. She really wanted a cookie, and was nice enough to buy one for me for my bday! I forgot to take the wax off when taking this picture, but it is..HUGEEE! Don't believe me? 

This cookie is bigger than my head. HAHA. I haven't eaten it yet, cuz I'm full from other foods right now, but it looks like it can satisfy me for a really long time! :) 

Honestly, I didn't do too much today, which is fine by me. Nice and relaxing!

So, I hope your day was swell!
lots of <3


  1. CG Ruby Pumps is really beautiful =)

    Love the last picture =)