Monday, December 6, 2010

Study Break & Introductions pt2!

So, I've been studying all afternoon...and I DEFINITELY need a study break :/ So I thought I would do some blogging :)

I'm not sure I can blog about nails consistently enough just because I only change my nails around once a week, and I feel like I want to blog more than that! haha. And since this blog isn't specifically dedicated to ONLY nails, I thought I might post some other passions of mine. I hope you guys don't mind, and might possibly even enjoy what I like! So here we go with introduction part 2! :

I love photography. I took photo 1, or black and white film photography, junior year of high school and jumped to AP photography senior year. I love that I can express whatever I want in photography and editing the pictures. This is a picture I'm quite proud of:
Guitars in sunset! <3

I took this picture a couple years ago, and I'm still quite drawn to this picture, even though the quality isn't as great as I would have hoped it to's quite noisy!

I haven't taken pictures like I did in high school in quite some time, though I do hope I can get motivated enough to go out and walk around to take pictures soon!

Now back to studying!! 0.o Wish me luck!
Hope everyone is doing well! <3

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  1. That's a beautiful picture! :) I hope that you take more sometime to share on your blog.

    Good luck with your studying!