Saturday, December 4, 2010

Man Glaze

Sorry for not keeping up for a while, but this week was HELL WEEK for me. Check this out:
Tuesday: had a paper due along with 25 sourced annotated bibliography
Wednesday: had a paper due with some homework
Thursday: paper due
Friday: Final for one of my classes.
As you can see, no time for...well, life :( But anyways, I'm sure you guys don't want to hear my excuses, so on will the nail polishes!! :D

So I have heard about the nail polish brand Man Glaze before, but I never took notice of it for some reason. Recently I saw a review on this nail polish brand from someone and it really intrigued me, so after searching up more reviews and seeing all the great reviews out, I decided to give man glaze a try.

If you guys don't know, Man Glaze specializes in matte nail polishes. I believe they only have four polishes out right now? But from the look of their website, they seem pretty legit since so many celebrities, and men use this particular nail brand.

I ordered it online before going home to my parent's house for thanksgiving break hoping that I would receive the package when I got back. For some reason I thought I read somewhere that I would receive my mail in 2-7 days. That did not happen however, so I emailed the company asking about it, and I got to say, their customer service is pretty amazing. They were a huge help. As for me, I probably should have waited a couple more days before I emailed them about shipping because the day after I emailed them, I received my package! Ohhh, I'm so impatient. But can you blame me, I was too excited about the polishes!!
What the package looked like minus the styrofoam peanuts 

Two polishes I got!!
I got two colors: #mattismurder and #fuggenugly. I really wanted the matte white called mayonnaise, but it was definitely way out of my budget. Definitely happy with my purchase, however, I feel like these two colors are actually pretty similiar. They have their differences when you look closely, both spectacular colors, but honestly, I couldn't really tell the difference. I asked my roommate what she thought what nail colors were on which nails of mine, and she couldn't really tell until she looked pretty closely as well.

Here are some swatches!! My first ever swatch! I know I said I wouldn't, but I was debating what colors to put on my nails so I randomly decided to show you guys as well! :)

Can you tell what polishes are on what nails?

From left to right (index to pinky finger): #matteismurder, #fuggenugly,#mattismurder, #fuggenugly
This is two coats of each with no base or topcoat.

Hrm...hopefully the lighting didn't alter the colors too much since this is artificial lighting, but honestly, even when I saw them on my nails in real life, the colors are just so similar.

My first Man Glaze manicure!
So I decided to go with #fuggenugly, a charcoal grey color on all my nails except for my ring finger where I used #matteismurder, a matte black. Can you guys tell the difference?  
In this picture, I did 3 coats of both on my fingers. I didn't use a base or topcoat since I left all my nail polishes at my parent's place (I was planning on not doing my nails until winter break, but that obviously didn't last! haha). I heard that their lasting power is AMAZING, so here is my experiment. I'm going to see how long this manicure lasts on me. I feel like its not going to last as long as everyone says it lasted on their nails just because I'm pretty harsh with my nails. I don't have gloves when washing the dishes, and I already had a MAJOR cleanup we will see! I will definitely try to keep you guys posted about how long this last. No promise on when I will post it, however, since it is finals week next week. boo! :( Wish me luck on my finals...and this manicure! haha
hope you guys are doing well <3

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