Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Firsts of 2010!

So, I decided to make a lists of my first this year. My first of personal experiences, beauty boughts, and other random stuff. I don't know if anyone has made a tag for this, but I thought it would be fun to look back on this year and see how awesome it was!

Personal Experiences:

  • first time I stayed over night in SF 
  • first time to Seattle, Washington
  • first time making sea glass candy
  • first time being hit on by a random stranger (that I know of haha)
  • first time to Fentons Creamery 
  • first rode trip
  • first time driving more than 15 minutes on the highway
  • first time I've been to Davis
  • first time buying/owning colored contacts, or any contacts
  • first time going to the Philippines
  • ^first time travelling with my best friend's family
  • first time getting a manicure
  • first time going into a movie theatre that only has 30 recliner chairs
  • first time sitting in first class on the plane (free upgrade as well!)
  • finally got a first cousin on my dad's side of the family
  • went on the first family vacation since college started for me: Hawaii
  • first seeing a sea turtle as close as I did while snorkling
  • first acupuncture
  • first time going to Boiling Crab
  • first time kayaking and biking at Monterey
  • first time going to Pogonip (a state park in Santa Cruz)
  • first time seeing rainbow roses! very cool!
  • first time singing in an open mic
  • bought my first candles from bath and body works..Smells so good!
  • first time posting any videos on youtube
  • made my first tumblr
  • made my first BLOG! :D
Beauty: My first year to start REALLY getting into make up and beauty

  • bought/owned my first foundation
  • bought my first lipstick
  • bought my first blush
  • bought my first concealer
  • bought my first mascara

Nail Polish:
  • bought my first O.P.I. polish
  • bought my first Orly polish
  • bought my first China Glaze polish
  • bought my first Essie polish
  • bought my first Revlon polish
  • bought my first Fingerpaint polish
  • bought my first Man Glaze polish
  • bought my first Wet n Wild polish
  • bought my first Nubar polish
  • bought my first Essence polish
  • bought my first UV changing polish
  • bought my first Poshe base coat
WOW...so many firsts, and I'm pretty positive that I'm missing a bunch too. And talk about splurging this year huh? haha so bad. I need to try to control myself this coming year...hopefully. :D I have definitely learned a lot this year, but can't wait to mentally grow and learn some more this coming year of 2011. I'm ready for all the challenged that I will have to face, BRING IT ON!! 

I hope you guys do this too! See how many experiences/things were your first for the year of 2010. 

Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well, Happy soon to be New Years! <3 


  1. I bought my first nail polish in 2010 and now I have over 180!

  2. Haha, same!!!
    I bought my first nail polish in 2010
    And now have a collection of them :')