Saturday, December 11, 2010

Done with Finals!! & Simple Mani

YAYYY!! Finals are over!! talk about relief!!! Actually, I was done a couple days ago, but being so drained from school, I turned into anti-social/hibernation mode. but ever since coming back, my thoughts have been pretty much ALL about doing cool nail art. Which is definitely nice, but WOOOOWWW talk about chemicals and fumes! :( Why can't they make nail polish that was healthier/ non-toxic to the body? haha.

I do have some things to post up, so I'm not going to be MIA for so long..hopefully! Also, I do want to see if  I can change up my nails everyday. So I started today, which I'm not going to post up until a bit later. I'm not sure why... I'm debating if I should post everyday, or post up manis every once in a while so that I have something to blog about once I get back to school (my housemates hate the smell so I try not to do my nails around them..which means I'm not able to do my nails...ever!) What do you guys suggest??

So one reason I'm not posting up the mani I just did is because I'm too lazy to upload it on my computer :P (and another is because it was just plain ugly since I had no creative thoughts in me) BUT I do have some old manicures saved up in my folder so this is one I did awhile ago:
simple manicure! (with matte pinky)

So this color is O.P.I: 20 Candles On My Cake. This was actually the first O.P.I. I bought in my life. I love the story behind my reasoning of buying my first O.P.I. too:

I went to the Philippines with my best friend's family this summer and we decided to go get out nails done since it was so cheap there. It was actually my first time getting my nails done as well. After debating about the color choice I wanted on my nails for many minutes, I finally settled in a GORGEOUS RED color. The manicure easily lasted for a week (which makes me totally want whatever base/top coat they are using). After coming back to the states, I wanted to change my nails to a peachy orange color because I was going to go to Hawaii with my family. Since I really like the color I went to Ulta to try to find the perfect color that matched this color. O.P.I was the only brand that had the match (which honestly kind of made me sad a first since they are so expensive) but totally turned me to O.P.I, as their formula is amazing!! Okay, that was a random rant... 

I hope you guys didn't get too bored of my rant, I tend to do this a lot. ANYWAYS, I hope everyone is doing well, and I definitely plan on being more consistent with blogging!!
<3Carissa Kuo


  1. I really like this color! :)

    And hmm... I'm not sure where you live, but maybe if it's somewhere warm, you could keep the window open while you paint? Or maybe invest in a little fan or a freshener thing for the room you do it in? Obviously try to stay away from them so the smell is less. :) lol