Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hello everyone!
As most of you know, today is 4/20, I thought I would put up a mani that SEMI resembles the day. I actually don't condone this day, and am personally pretty grossed out by the smell, but to each his own, I guess. 

So here is a mani I actually did not really enjoy. It's funny too because I've eyed these two colors for such a long time because I decided to throw in the towel to buy them, but they were a bit of a disappointment. 

Here we have two coats of O.P.I's Jade is the New Black and on my accent nail (ring finger) two coats of Essie's Incognito

I think it could just my skin color. Or maybe I'm just not use to wearing darker greens. Or maybe..both? Either way, I just felt unsettled when I had this mani on. I might go back to these colors in a bit, because I know that there are some colors that I love now that I didn't like a couple months/years ago. 

What do you guys think?



  1. I think the Jade is the New black looks pretty than Incognito, eventhough the nail is abit weird.

  2. The one you have on your ring finger actually looks like it goes pretty well with your skin...

  3. I love the Jade! I have both though!

  4. They both look lovely. Maybe they'll grow on you. :))