Saturday, November 27, 2010

First of Many, I hope!

I decided to make an account because I think it's nice to post random things that I find interesting and like. Not sure how this will work out since I got a tumblr not too long ago and didn't really keep up with it. Hopefully this blogspot will not be ignored soon after I start this and hopefully I will keep it up!! Who knows how many followers I will gets, if none, thats okay too haha I don't mind talking to my self :) 
Here goes nothing! Wish me luck!! 

So I guess I will start off with a picture  of what I have on my nails inspired by one of the nails that Katrina's Nail Blog did :) 

First Nails!
I know the picture looks a bit yellow, but without the rest of the picture looking yellow, the color of of the green on my nails looked more teal. 

So on my nails I used:
Thumb: China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover with a silver rhinestone.
Index finger: has an aluminum foiled silver from an asian shop in Taiwan painted french with the Four Leaf Clover linning the silver.
Middle Finger: Same Four Leaf Clover with Ulta's Sequins and some hexagonal glitter.
Ring Finger: Used the same aluminum foiled silver along with Ulta's Sequins over it and some glitter.
Pinky Finger: Did a french with FLC and painted some Sequins along the french line with some glitter :)

*Whew, so many words for such a simple manicure! Used only three different colors; turned out pretty nicely if  may say so myself...although I might change it tomorrow! Can't wait! :) 

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