Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NOTD: Rumple's Wiggin & Do you Lilac it?


Wow, I didn't realize how absent I've been. I apologize. School, work, church has been taking a lot of my time. I still have been doing my nails and taking pictures, but just did have that extra time to post them up. I finally had some time the other day to do exactly that, so hopefully posting will be a bit more consistant in the next couple weeks. I'm thinking about doing a blog everyday for at least for month just so I can commit, what do you guys think?

Anyways, here is a simple mani for you today. Just some nice purple :) 

On my nail, I have on O.P.I: Rumple's Wiggin and O.P.I: Do you Lilac it? I absolutely love this look. I think I actually have redone this look several times. Hope to see you all more often! 

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